“Because the first years of life are forever”

85% of the brain is formed by age 3


If we touch children, we touch humanity. We must educate adults to realize that we can only better humanity through the child. We must realize that the child is the builder of the man.

Consciousness does not exist from the beginning; in every child it has to be built up anew in the first years of life

The child’s type of mind is an absorbing mind; it absorbs whatever is around it. Children begin to absorb everything of their environment from the beginning of their lives. It is a mind endowed with special psychic powers, which we lose later.

The first years of life are period of huge transformation. They are times of great difficulty, times when character is formed.


Playgroup is guided by Margarita. Margarita holds AMI 0-3 and 3-6 Assistant Certificate. And participating in AMI 0-3 diploma course.

Margarita is Occupational therapist from Latvia. She has been working as an Occupational Therapist with adults and children.

Margarita is training in Holland with Patricia Wallner on the Assistant to Infancy level, she is working extensively with the 0-3 programme and will be an AMI teacher on the Assistant to Infancy level. Goal of the course is in-depth study of Montessori pedagogy and current medical and psychological approaches to child development from birth to three years.

Her desire is to open Montessori childcare where a person will be seen with a deep aim, who can distribute his attention and organization on things given to him; such a person will do something in the world.


For Children, PLAYGROUP:

• Provides an environment for social interaction.

• Assists in language development and communication.

• Provides a space for children to enjoy Montessori activities 

For Adults, PLAYGROUP:

• Gives parents the opportunity to play and interact with their child.

• Provides a great space for social interaction.

• Allows to share parent´s experiences to support one another.

• Provides a routine that allows families to gather and interact.


Infant group is for children at the age of 0 – 12 months 

Toddler group is for children at the age of 12 – 36 months.

Child attends the group with parents, nannies, caregivers.

Playgroup is held together with the parent or caregiver, that allows baby to feel comfortable in the group, contribute to the harmonious development of the child, help him actively develop and socialize.

Parent assists children to become ready for the formal learning environment.


Support the development of the child by assisting him in prepared Montessori environment. 

Children under 3 are going through a stage of rapid brain and skill development. For optimum development, young children need a stimulating environment to play and learn. Playgroups offer babies and toddlers a wide variety of early learning experiences.

Playgroup is a great way for your child to learn about the world, make friends and develop social skills. Playgroup also gives mummies, dads, grandparents and caregivers a chance to share ideas and experiences. Many long-term friendships begin at Playgroup.

Playgroup develops physical skills, teaches problem solving, communication and social interaction and, of course, it’s great fun!


Mentor is using English and if it is necessary Russian (Latvian).

Mentor understand Estonian very well, but not speak.


The duration of the lesson is 1 h 30 min. Number of participants in the group: 5 families.

Each lesson includes:

Free activity in the Montessori environment for 60 minutes.
Individual work in the Montessori environment with materials and toys for fine motor skills and self-service skills, language, sensory skills, coordination of movements and a sense of order.

Music circle in English (15-30 minutes).
We are singing, dancing, playing finger games.

Snack. Your child can sit with others on the table and have some snack


Practical life activities. Practical life activities offer the children active participation and collaboration in the aspects of care of self and care of the environment, and preparation of food.

Language. In the language prepared area the children learn the language. All the activities the child engages in become a language lesson, because the child absorbs the language he hears.

Fine Motor skills area. Coordination of hand movements is essential for building intelligence. Maria Montessori called the hand of the child “the second brain”.

Movement. The more the child moves, the more connections neurons make in the brain, so movement makes your child smarter!

Music/Art. Art and music help to integrate both parts of the brain. 


Please complete this application form (link) if you are interested in a space in our playgroup classes.

We can form the groups of 5-6 children. We will contact you upon receipt to give you an idea if a space is available.

Monday 16:00

Wednesday 16:00


Registration for the trial lesson on our website (button below)

Generally meet once/twice a week for 1 h 30 min.

Parent decides with mentor on which specific day and time of the week he want to join the group


• Registration for the TRIAL lesson is required

• Adequate level of English, Russian, Latvian or Estonian to allow to understand the playgroup mentor.

• Positive motivation to work with own child.

• Willingness to positively and constructively cooperate with the playgroup mentor.

• Filled out online application form (link) and payments.

• Read the rules of the class


Kiisa 8b 11313 Kesklinn (google maps will drive you to the right place)

Parking for free near by entrance

We are located on the 2 floor

+372 5688 9921


Trial lesson – 10 Euro

28-day card for 4 classes 40

28-day card for 8 classes 70 €

No matter what parenting issue you’re trying to navigate, we’re here to help.

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