• New modern family center ViaFreedom in Tallinn, Kristiine district.

  • Come with your child (0-3 y.) to the classroom fully equipped with Montessori and other developmental materials!

  • Help your child to develop fine motor skills, self-service skills, language, sensory skills, motor coordination and a sense of order – together with us!

  • Entrance to our center is equipped with a ramp. You can reach our class with baby stroller or by wheelchair – without any problem!

  • Register for the TRIAL lesson – absolutely for FREE! You just have to choose suitable date and time! See you in the class!


Center provides next services

  • Montessori Parent-Child Class - class for children aged 0-3 years together with parents
  • Parent Education Program - Courses and seminars
  • Allied Health Specialists
  • Montessori Parent child Class
  • Parent Education Program
  • Allied Health professionals

Educational activities for children aged 0-3 years with parents in the Montessori environment.

Classes are held together with the parent, that allows baby to feel comfortable in the group, contribute to the harmonious development of the child, help him actively develop speech and social skills.

The duration of the lesson is 1.5 hours. Number of children in the group: 8 people.

Each lesson includes:

  1. Free activity in the Montessori environment for 60 minutes.
    Individual work in the Montessori environment, aimed at the comprehensive development of the child. Montessori environment is a well-organized space filled with didactic materials, aimed at the development of fine motor skills and self-service skills, language, sensory skills, coordination of movements and a sense of order.

  1. Musical lesson in English for about 15-30 minutes.
    Group work, where children and their parents sing, dance, play finger games.

  1. Snack.
    Opportunity to have a snack before the trip back home.

The following areas of exploration are included in our class:

Practical life activities

Practical life activities offer the children active participation and collaboration in the aspects of care of self and care of the environment, and preparation of food.


The child is fully immersed in an English language environment - all the activites the child engages in become a language lesson, because the child absorbs the language he hears.

Fine Motor skills area

Coordination of hand movements is essential for building intelligence. Maria Montessori called the hand of the child “the second brain”.


In the movement area the children learn how their bodies work.
The more the child moves, the more connections neurons make in the brain, so movement makes your child smarter!


Art and music help to integrate both parts of the brain.


Plan of trial lesson:

  • Meeting with the guide
  • Information about Montessori method
  • Rules in the classroom
  • Work with materials
  • 30 minutes of free work with materials
  • 30 minutes music and snack time

Plan of regular lesson:

  • 60 minutes of free work with materials
  • 30 minutes music and snack time

Trial pass

  • Can be used once
  • Registration required


One pass

  • One time pass
  • Registration required


10 passes

  • 10 passes per 3 months
  • Registration required


Sign up for a FREE trial lesson to see how it works. Feel free to include additional information on how your heard of us, or questions you may have. If you enjoy the standard lesson, you’ll be able to buy package .
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Planned Course Offering in 2019/2020

Anti-Stress Kinesiology Training

  • Address: Tallinn, Keemia 4
  • Language: Russian
  • Speaker: Marianna Kudrjavtseva
  • Time: 6-8.12.2019 14:00-20:00
  • Price: 225 €

More info here

Course: AMI Montessori 0-3 Assistant

  • Pre-registration for course is opened
  • Address: Tallinn
  • Language: Russian (English and Estonian on request)
  • Time: 23.03.2020 - 05.04.2020
  • Price: 700 €
  • Trainer: Anna Pugacheva

The course includes theoretical and practical parts. After completing all the requirements, the attendants will get AMI 0-3 assistants certificate. Diploma gives you an opportunity to work in Montessori institutions as an assistant. The course is very usefull for parents, that helps better understand child needs.

The center plans to provide the services of the following specialists:
• Psychologist
• Occupational therapist
• Physiotherapist
• Speech therapist

List coming out in December 2019

Leave your request with wishes:


How to get here?

16, 17, 17A, 23, 24, 24A, 32, 47
3, 4, 6, 9
Coming by car? We have a free parking just in front of the entrance. You have to register your number plates at the Сenter.


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